Bosses Drive Employees – Leaders Coach Them

Deloitte’s report of Global Human Capital Trends stated, “Despite the proliferation of leadership fads, there are no shortcuts to building a leadership team that is broad and deep. Building leaders requires more than a portfolio of training programs." People never forget great leaders and the skills learned from them can last a lifetime. Leaders aren’t just born,... Continue Reading →

Is Technology The True Culprit Of Overwhelmed Employees?

Deloitte’s 2014 Global Human Capital Trends report stated, “Sixty-five percent of executives…rated the ‘overwhelmed’ employee an ‘urgent’ or ‘important’ trend, while 44 percent said that they are ‘not ready’ to deal with it." The report also stated, “Senior executives should create a culture that broadens the opportunity for leaders to develop in new ways…continuously coaching and supporting... Continue Reading →

Why High Level Women Think They’re All That

We Are! 🙂 Disclaimer: This article is not intended to elevate, alienate or promote one group of people over another. People tend to think if someone is right, then they are wrong…well, not really. There is no judgment at all. I’m simply establishing a target audience. 🙂 Moving on….. High level women don’t consider whether... Continue Reading →

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