Are You Who You Are or Who Life Made You?

James Allen said, “Circumstance does not make the man; it reveals him to himself.” When you’re challenged, you’ll discover 1 of the 3 you’s. (1) Who you think you are. (2) Who you REALLY are and (3) Who life made you.

I’ve talked to A LOT of executive women lately who are secretly suffocating in their success.

Sacrificing PERSONAL development for professional success, there is a distorted vision of self, so you can have all you desire and not FEEL successful.

Shrinking and assimilating to fit in at work will make you successful, but only for a limited time. The distorted vision of self cracks at the top.

Some executive women are crushed, pressed, and ousted from their jobs. They were exposed to themselves and realized they’d been wearing a mask.

The chaos revealed who life made them. It’s humbling.

Let me tell you something… You can stay bitter, resentful and depressed or you can DO THE WORK to reveal who you REALLY ARE. A LIONESS – a Queen, unapologetically strong, and nurturing.

Ladies, use your downtime this season to work on you.

Have the foresight to change, BEFORE life makes you change.

If you’re ready to REVEAL the lioness, schedule a call with me at Your life will NEVER be the same for the best. 

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