3 Things Women Can Do To Immediately Level-Up Personally and Professionally

Although there are no shortcuts to success, getting promoted or creating your dream career, there are certain things that you can do that will shift your mindset and therefore shift your external circumstances.

True change starts from within, so instead of waiting for your job to recognize you or elevate you, consider incorporating these three habits into your daily routine and your life will NEVER be the same for the best.

Use Your Commute To Develop Personally
Resolving personal issues and not holding on to the past will relieve you of the baggage that others drag around. There are no new problems in the world and successful (AND happy) women use their commute to personally develop themselves. Women leaders who take the time and money to invest in their personal growth have a higher emotional IQ and likability factor among their colleagues and personnel.

Instead of listening to mindless music or talk radio during your commute, listen to audiobooks or podcasts that address the issues you have. Whether it’s time management, relationships, marriage, leadership or the multitude of challenges that life brings, use your time wisely and become a greater version of yourself.

Surround Yourself With People More Successful Than You
Highly productive leaders want to become a greater version of themselves and know this can only happen through growth. They aren’t afraid to be around people who are better than them, in fact, it’s who they prefer to be around. Being the smartest person in the room makes some people feel big, but leaders searching for greatness feel small.

If you are the biggest fish in your pond, you aren’t growing. Do you have the courage to jump into a bigger pond with bigger fish? It’s the only way to stretch and become greater than you are today. Your life will never be the same for the best.

Reflect Often and Become Self-Aware
As a leader, are you willing to complete the tasks that you assign to others? Do you want people to respect you for your leadership position, regardless of your personal action and character as their leader? There is nothing worse than having an immature or untrained leader in a position of authority. This person can wreak havoc on an organization, create a toxic work environment by creating an atmosphere of anxiety and stress, and cause personnel to look for other opportunities. It’s well known that people don’t leave bad jobs, they leave bad leaders.

If you’re a leader and having challenges with others following your lead, are you willing to look in the mirror to see if the issue is you? If you are daring, talk to a well-respected person who has been at the company the longest. They’ve seen different leadership styles and knows what motivates the workforce in that company culture. Ask them how they view you as a leader and the suggestions they have to improve your effectiveness with the workforce. Work on yourself, expand your leadership knowledge, change your approach in the way that you lead people and you’ll find that people will change their minds about you and follow you anywhere when you BECOME a leader worth following.

Christy Rutherford, Women’s Career Success Coach, resigned from a successful 6-figure career with 3.5 years left to retire with a full pension and stepped into her destiny. Christy is a keynote speaker, 6-time best-selling author, and Harvard Business School Alumna.

Get her free E-book, “How to Get Unstuck & Make 2019 Your Year of Breakthrough” at www.christyrutherford.com/unstuck


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